PHIL ROY "GROUCHYFRIENDLY" präsentiert euch das ausführliche SPECIAL zur neuen CD von Phil Roy.
Wie bitte ? Ihr habt bisher noch nie etwas von Phil gehört ? Na dann, solltet ihr euch erst recht einmal die nachfolgenden Check Liste zur Brust nehmen. Viel Spaß dabei ...


Phil Roy, who is this guy ?

Phil Roy was born and raised in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. After graduating High School he attended the prestigious Berklee College of Music in Boston. While taking a course called "Pop Songs 1", Phil realized he had found an area in music on which he could focus. Music, words, and recording studios combined with his vocals and guitar would be the expression of his imagination. The writing and recording became his life and soon Phil relocated to Los Angels to work with two friends he had met at college. Subsequently, record deals ensued (Warner Bros. and EMI). It is most likely that you've never heard of these bands or these records. What you might be familiar with are the many excellent and familiar artist that have found Phil's songs compelling enough to record and call their own.
Is Phil a new artist or what has he done before ?
His songs have been heard in every corner of the world. But there were always artists and friends asking, "When are you going to make your own record? Where can we see you perform?" Well, those questions have now been answered. From such luminaries as: Ray Charles, The Neville Bros., "Pops"Staples, Joe Cocker, Aaron Neville, Paul Young, Tuck+Patti and Barrington Levy. To Rock and Pop artist like: Widespread Panic, Guster, LA. Guns, Az Yet, and Jennifer Love Hewitt. To the Films: Leaving Las Vegas, As Good As it Gets, The Mask, I Know What You Did Last Summer, I Still Know What You Did Last Summer and Meteor Man.
What about his new CD ?


Phil Roy's brandnew CD called "Grouchyfriendly". Check out the tracklisting and our latest review .

What has Media Ventures to do with this CD ?
A lot of Media Ventures members have written music for the CD. Heitor Pereira, Gavin Greenaway, Geoff Zanelli, Jeff Rona, James Levine and a man called - yes, you're right: Hans Zimmer.
Sounds good, but where can I check out some freebies ?
We have a special preview clip from the new CD for you. It's the song "Show me the way home" composed by Phil Roy and Gavin Greenaway.
(Produced by Gavin Greenaway and Phil Roy - Vocal: Phil Roy - Guitars: Heitor Pereira - All other Sounds and Instruments programmed and played by: Gavin Greenaway - Recording Engineer: Gavin Greenaway - Assisted By: Goeff Zanelli - Mix Engineer: Alan Meyerson - Recorded @ Media Ventures and Backyard Studios);
Clip (c) by Phil Roy
Where can I buy "Grouchyfriendly" ?
You can buy the CD very easy per internet. Please visit
or direct Phil's official site
And where can I find even more information ?
Visit Phil's official website It's definitely worth a visiting.
Does an interview with Phil exist ? has an exclusive interview with Phil Roy online. Read it here

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