PHIL ROY "GROUCHYFRIENDLY" präsentiert euch das ausführliche SPECIAL zur neuen CD von Phil Roy.
Phil stand uns Rede und Antwort, unten die original englischsprachige Interviewfassung:

"I just write about my life"

Friendly not grouchy: "" interview with Phil Roy

Phil, thank you for your time. In Europe, not so much people have heard about the artist Phil Roy and his projects. How would you discripe your music for the audience?

My music has several key elements. Most important is lyrical content. I am a storyteller who through the telling of my own personal experiences the listener, hopefully, will be able to see their own lives in the songs. Musically, I surround myself with exceptional musicians who take risks along with me. I try to stay true to being a "singer-songwriter", however I try not to limit myself by category.

Your new CD called "Grouchyfriendly". What's the deal with this title?

I am for the most part a very friendly person. While making this album I was going through some pretty hard times both professionally and personally, hence the grouchy part.

A very sucessfully project. How long did you work on the album?

When I finally decided it was time to finish an album for myself (I have worked on many, many projects for many other artists) I pulled the record together in five months. Grouchyfriendly contains tracks though that were written and recorded several years ago, so it is difficult to put a time line on the recording process.

Do you have a personal favorite Track on the CD ?

Yes, "Melt".

... why?

It helped to introduce me to my future wife (she heard it on the radio).

Many people from Media Ventures have written a bunch of music for the songs. How did they come into the project?

I was first introduced to Media Ventures in 1994 through Roy Hay of Culture Club. We had a production company together- he was a composer in residence at Media Ventures. Later I was signed as a staff writer to Mojo Music which is Jay Rifkin's company (Jay co-owns Media Ventures with Hans). Being around the complex, Hans asked me to do various projects with him. I worked on the films "Something to Talk About", "The Fan", "An Everlasting Piece" and "As Good as it Gets". Hans introduced me to Gavin Greenaway. We became friends and still collaborate often. I introduced Heitor Pereira to Hans- they work on many projects together. I also met Jeff Rona a few years back and we continue to work together.

"I introduced Heitor Pereira to Hans - they work on many projects together"

There are instrumental Tracks by Jeff Rona. What was the reasen to add them to your songs?

Jeff helped me with the sound design of the opening and closing of the record. He also produced "Perfect One" which features Adam Cohen on vocals.

Even Hans Zimmer has a contribution on one song. Was it difficult to involve him because he is busy very often?

Hans had written a very beautiful piece of music which became the chorus of "Where Do We Go From Here". Gavin and I had worked for a few months on music for a new Dreamworks animated feature called "Spirit". Out of these sessions, "Show me the Way Home" was also written - both appear on grouchyfriendly due to the uncertainty of the usage in "Spirit".

This was a non-filmmusic project. Very unusual for Hans ...

Originally it was for a film project, and it could still be.

Nicolas Cage wrote also a few things for the album ...

Yes, we have known each other a long time.

Any plans to perform "Grouchyfriendly" live in the near future?

I perform all of the time and hope to get to Europe soon.

You have done a lot of songs for motion pictures. What is your reasen to compose for the film business?

As a songwriter, sometimes you just gotta do what you gotta do to make a living. It has, however, proved to be a very rewarding and satisfying way for my music to be heard by lots of people all over the world .

... „As good as it gets“: Was there a connection between the songs and score, or was it more independent work?

Hans asked me if I had any love songs. Jim Brooks, the director, heard them and thought they were right for the film. "Everything My Heart Desires" also appears on my album, as does "Under Stars" which was a bonus track on the soundtrack album.

"As good as it gets": The right love songs for the movie
You also wrote the song "How do I deal" for Jennifer Love Hewitt for the film "I still know what you did last summer". Can you tell us a bit about this?

My friends had started a song but couldn't get the lyric. Immediately, I came up with the title, we finished the song and David Foster ended up producing it. (I thought this one was going to be a big ol' hit- it wasn't. That is one of the reasons I finished grouchyfriendly).

"" is your own webpage, how important is it for you to have interaction with fans and audience?

It is essential. I have had thousands and thousands of people visit the website and order the record. More importantly, I get feedback which 99% of the time is unbelievably positive. After every live show, I love to come home and read the emails.

Every artist has his own way to find new ideas and insperations. Can you tell us about yours?

I just write about my life. I have done this so long it is hard to separate the ideas from the inspirations. There IS something about a deadline, too, that sparks the creative process.

Finally, what are your plans for the future?

I'd love to release grouchyfriendly in Germany - if anyone has any ideas, please email me! Also, my next record is about halfway finished. It is called "Issues and Options" - we all have have both of them.

Thanks Phil and good luck.

Good luck to you, Dirk, and visitors to the website. Thanks!


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Interview: Dirk Hein mit Phil Roy

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