The Wings of a film - The music of Hans Zimmer

Music composed by Hans Zimmer           

Arrangements by Henning Lohner, Gavin Greenaway, Bruce Fowler, Steve Jablonsky, James S. Levine



1. Gladiator: "Now We Are Free"

2. Gladiator: "Am I Not Merciful"

3. Driving Miss Daisy: "Driving"

4. Thelma & Louise: "Thunderbird"

5. The Thin Red Line: "Journey To The Line"

6. Mission: Impossible 2: "Nyah And Ethan"

7. The Lion King: "Lea Halalela"

8. Power Of One: "Mother Africa"

9. Nine Months: "Suite"

10. Rain Man: "Main Theme"

11. True Romance: "Main Theme"

12. The Lion King: "Busa"  




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