"The Cops Experience ..."
Interview mit Justin Burnett

Justin Burnett ist einer der "auserwählten" Musiker, die bei Media Ventures die Gelegenheit hatten für Hans Zimmer als Assistent zu arbeiten.
Dabei arbeitete er z. B. an den Filmen "The Rock", "As good as it gets" oder "The Peacemaker". Außerdem gab es Projektbeteiligungen als Technical Music Advisor für Filme wie "The Thin Red Line" oder dem oscarnominierten Zimmer-Score "Gladiator". Seine Solo-Credits als Komponist beinhalten die Filme "Drive", "Possums", "Golf Lessons" und "A.W.O.L.". In dem folgenden Interview habe ich mit Justin unter anderem über die Serie "Die Motorrad-Cops" gesprochen, für die er den Pilotfilm, sowie vier Episoden als Komponist vertonte. 

Can you tell us a little bit about the typical job as an assistent to Hans Zimmer?

The typical job as an assistant to Hans is a very long day. It usually starts out coming in whenever Hans does which could be any time really, and then solving problems, or setting up new gear or waiting for problems to present themselves, technologically speaking, for about 12-18 hours per day, 7 days a week until a project is finished.
You can expect to do anything from walking the dog to rewiring his entire studio to testing out some orchestration on a cue that he has asked you to work on while he is at dinner.


 ... you also worked this way with Marc Streitenfeld on "The Rock". Was that something special because so many different composers were involved?

"The Rock" was a little different because there were so many composers and for every composer that did not have an assistant, which was quite a few, we had to be an assistant to them as well.


You have composed music for the german action series "Die Motorrad-Cops". How did you join the project ?

I joined the project "Cops" whenever Hans asked if I would like to write for it. Hans then met with Reinhard last fall and spotted the pilot and then brought that back for me to score.
After that Reinhard came to the U.S. and him and spotted the first four.


Hans Zimmer composed the main theme. Which other part of the score was also his creation?

Hans' creation of the main theme was the only part of the score that was his creation. We did use those themes from time to time throughout the episodes.

"I thought the series was a good experience"


You have done four episodes of the series with a large use of synthesizer. Was the musical idea or the easy contense of the pictures the reasen to make such a sort of TV-score? 

The studio wanted a Hans Zimmer sound for the episodes and that is the reason for the large use of the synthesizer.


Is it more difficult to work on a foreign project? What were your experiences especially on this TV-series?

I found that it was pretty convenient to work on this project as a foreign project. We always got tapes in time and then converted the cues to MPEG. The producers would then download them call for changes when necessary.


Did you like the series?

I thought the series was a good experience.


Do you mean that it is generally necessary for a really good score, that a composer likes the stuff he writes the music for?

It is absolutely essential for a composer to like the stuff that he writes for. Otherwise, it is just a lot of hard work.


Do you know something about a CD release of the score? Many fans are waiting for this ...

Since I left the project in February, I have heard no more talk of when and if the CD will come out.


What are your plans for the future, will there be more own projects next time?

Currently, I am composing music on my own for the movie "Dungeons and Dragons". I have been doing so since February and will see what the future holds afterwards.


Interview von Dirk Hein mit Justin Burnett geführt am 17.05.2000
Special Thanks to Justin Burnett
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