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Frequently asked questions about H A N S  Z I M M E R and Media Ventures, as well as fundamentals of filmmusic



What is the difference between score- and song-soundtracks?

A score is the most orchestral sound that underlies the film. The music is specially written for the film. In most cases, a pure score-CD is released of a film. Although often there is only a CD with songs. Sometimes, a ‘mixed’ CD, with both score and songs, is put on the market.


Who is Hans Zimmer?

For years, Hans Zimmer has been one of the most successful composers of filmmusic in Hollywood. Born in Frankfurt am Main, he started his career in England, where he worked with composer Stanley Meyers. After some co-compositions for Meyers, soon commissions followed for projects of his own.After this came his move to Hollywood and he finally broke through with his music for Oscar-winner ‘Rain Man’.


What does Hans Zimmer have to do with the oldie ‘Video Killed The Radio Star’?

Before Hans Zimmer became active in filmmusic, he was a member of the 1980’s band The Buggles, that scored a hit with their ‘Video Killed The Radio Star’, in 1979. If you would dig up an old TV-performance, you can recognize Hans Zimmer behind the synthesizer.


What goes behind Media Ventures?

Media Ventures is the L.A. based music-studio of Hans Zimmer and his partner, Jay Rifkin. Zimmer himself described MV as ‘School of Sounds’. Zimmer founded the firm to give young, talented composers a career-start in Hollywood.


What is the link between composers like Harry Gregson-Williams, Mark Mancina & Co. And Hans Zimmer?

These composers are or were colleagues in the ‘soundfactory’ of Zimmer’s Media Ventures. Zimmer works closely with ‘his people’ on a whole range of different projects. Harry Gregson-Williams for instance, conducts numerous Zimmer-scores. Nick Glennie-Smith wrote shorter passages for Zimmer’s ‘Nine Months’, Hans Zimmer on the other hand produced for example the score for Jeff Rona’s ‘White Squall’ or John Powell’s ‘Face/Off’. Some co-productions are not even accounted for by a credit.


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